The FACET projects ends

Following 30 months of intense work, FACET is coming to an end


During this period, FACET partnership has developed a complete training course in Creativity and Entrepreneurship in the Furniture Sector. This totally free course is online and consists of 5 modules:

Moreover, FACET partners have also developed a work-based tool, a guide for the processes of creation and implementation of ideas applied to real projects. This tool can be found inside the platform.

The course and the support tool will be indefinitely available online and totally free. So, we encourage you to use and take advantage of them!

During the last month of the project, April 2021, partners will focus their efforts on publicly presenting the results and resources produced by the project, in their respective countries, namely in: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Czech Republic.


The cluster promotes and develops strategic projects at r&D and innovation level for the interested sectors. Reference topics are related to product, process, market innovation with the aim of enhancing production system competitiveness. Developed project ideas are linked with funding calls at regional, national and EU level.


dID operates in the intermediation between demand (manufacturing companies) and offer (research bodies, research infrastructures, professionals) of innovation for the development of projects for the individual company or systems of companies in terms of product, process and market innovation.

Twisted Wall
City Sky
Bianco e nero

In 2017 the regional S3 has been updated with a specific activity carried out by dID with reference to the interiors/living environments system, leading to the 5 main scenarios of application:


1. Smart environments (Smart Environments) for well-being / health, safety and qualify spaces from an emotional, experiential and aesthetic point of view

2. Advanced materials (smart, functionalized and characterized) and with reduced environmental impact

3. Design Driven Innovation / design as a mediator of knowledge / design in its ability to make technological innovation immediately usable


4. Definition of new strategies and business models: production reorganization


5. Digital technologies (Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, IoT, ...) for the improvement of the design, production, communication processes, including sales and after-sales services.