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The Interior and Design District operates in the intermediation between demand (companies) and supply (research organizations, research infrastructures, professionals) of innovation for the development of projects for the single company or system in terms of product, process and market.

Leveraging on a network of regional, national and international skills,

the services offered are summarized as follows:


A.  Research, development and innovation services

1.    Audit studies and diagnosis of the company's competitive potential

2.    Feasibility studies

3.   Support services for research and development and product and / or process innovation in the concept phase

4.   Support services for the introduction of new products

5.   Technical design services for research and development and for product and / or production process innovation

6.    Intellectual Property Management Services

7.   Testing technical services: trials and tests

8.   Services to support innovation of the offer (strategic marketing)

9.    Contract research

10.  Support services for organizational change and business process efficiency

11.  Supply chain management

12.  Temporary Management


together with commercial innovation services for the strategic supervision of the markets

B.  Design services for the presentation and coordination of proposals on tenders

      funding (regional, national, European)

The Interior and Design District offers an accompanying service to companies that, individually or in partnership, intend to participate in calls for funding, divided as follows:


1.    Information and reporting services for funding opportunities

2.   Support services for planning (including building partnerships) and submitting applications

3.   Coordination and project management services


C.  Networking and technological dissemination services

1.    Organization of workshops, seminars, in-depth events on topics of interest to the cluster's supply chains

2.    Meetings (B2B, R2B) between supply and demand of technologies for the internal sector

D.    Additional services:

1.   Support services for business creation

2.    Business plan drafting for start up

3.   Targeted training (training workshops for employees in the company)

4.   Activation of relations with financial operators


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