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The Interior and Design District, through a consultation with the enlarged Technical Scientific Committee, has defined reference scenarios for the innovation of the sectors involved:


  • Smart products and smart environments for well-being, health, safety (also in relation to pandemic scenarios), inclusion and environmental sustainability and to qualify spaces from an emotional, experiential and aesthetic point of view.


  • Advanced materials (intelligent, functionalized and characterized), biomaterials, growing materials, with reduced environmental impact.

  • Digital technologies (Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Big data, 5G) for the improvement of the design, production, communication, sales and after-sales process (predictive maintenance).


  • Design driven innovation, Open Innovation / co-design, Human Centered Design, Life Cycle Design, Generative and regenerative design.


  • New strategies and business models: production reorganization and supply chain integration, also in the light of ecological transition scenarios (industrial symbiosis, circular economy).

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