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Business Upper Austria, Upper Austria’s public location agency, is pleased to invite you together with our partners from Italy, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria on behalf of the EU-funded project AEC EUROCLUSTER to the following online event on 30 March 2023, 13:00 - 16:00 CET:

Cluster2Cluster Innovation Training
Improve your skills and cluster services for SME members that need support in designing and delivering green/digital transformation and resilience activities!

AEC EUROCLUSTER is designed to drive forward cross-cluster cooperation and promote eco-innovative and smart products for SMEs in architecture, engineering, construction and related industries. During a project duration of 2.5 years a total of at least 66 companies and business support organizations will benefit from the joined forces of 5 clusters from 5 middle European countries participating in the project. All support activities have the same objective of helping SMEs to overcome vulnerabilities by improving their digital performance and green entrepreneurship.
In order to achieve this objective, SMEs will be offered a voucher system for
• implementing market-demanded projects with substantial transformation character
• uptaking technologies from other sectors
• adopting processes not fully exploited and integrating them into their own organizations and operations.
To be able to provide this kind of SME support, a cluster-to-cluster learning will show cluster managers how to think from a new perspective, how to enhance their skills in problem identification and risk-minimized product creation processes and how to use innovation methods like Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, Agile Product Development and Lego Serious Play.

13:00 Greeting & Moderation
Christoph Matthias Reiss-Schmidt

13:10 How clusters overcome unexpected issues and become resilient
Christoph Matthias Reiss-Schmidt

14:30 Innovation approaches: Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, Agile Product Development and LEGO Serious Play
Christoph Matthias Reiss-Schmidt

15:45 Vouchers overview
Carina Schachinger

16:00 End of the event

Target Group
Cluster and organization managers from the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) and related sectors.

Participation in the event is free of charge. For organizational reasons, please register by no later than 27 March 2023 here: Cluster2Cluster Innovation Training

We are looking forward to your registration!

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